Private Tutoring Australia | How to Dispel Misgivings about E-Learning

Modern trend is to make maximum and effective use of online resources in whatever ways possible. The booming digital mode of education, E-learning, is the latest propensity of people

The Convenient and efficient online Learning & Teaching

Dearth of physical resources and time has whipped up the already growing online learning industry to newer heights in the recent times. Smooth interaction, user-specific time schedules, and choice of courses according to personal preference have caused a spurt in the demand for reliable and effective E-learning solutions.

Reaching wider audience in quick & easy way
Internet has ensured that educational material can be circulated among wider target audience in simple steps, yet with utmost efficiency. Increasingly more number of people are seeking online route due to the ease as well as security it offers. With various transactions being conducted online, E-learning is certainly poised for a successful stint in the foreseeable future.

E-learning & Tutoring- Digital era’s most sought-after Education System

Interactive audio and video and e-books adaptive to any particular target group may be designed and presented according to demand. Learners are offered the benefit of customized course material and going along their own pace and preference. Eco-friendly and time-saving, e-learning process utilizes minimal resources.

How to do away with the Myths about E-learning
As is common with many things, there prevail certain myths that surround e-learning mode of education. These tend to put off students and tutors from being fully prepared to take p the online route toward attaining what they seek. Such negativities and their way of removal have been discussed below:
 Myth: E-learning is void of interaction
o Reality: Though seemingly separated due to physical location, students are always free to interact with one another, and with tutors online – in fact, digital mode offers better interaction and the ability to follow experts across the globe, online
 Myth: E-learning is too easy
o Reality: It might appear that e-learning course content and degrees are comparatively easier than their traditional counterparts, truth is different- it keeps one fully engaged with various tasks such as assignments to prepare, essays and presentations to accomplish, and exams to clear
 Myth: E-learning is susceptible to Cheating
o Reality: Contrary to the general belief that cheating is possible in e-learning courses, they are equipped with devices, tools, and software that facilitate tutors and instructors to identify any sort of malpractice
 Myth: There is poor Recognition to E-learning Courses
o Reality: There is no such thing in fact, that courses offered by traditional universities and institutions are in any way superior in imparting knowledge and skills – standards are stringent in online courses, assuring that employers are flexible about this mode of education
 Myth: Online courses offer lower Quality when compared with regular courses
o Reality: By going through rigorous and legal certification processes, online course material and the learning and teaching methods are presented with an even better quality than traditional ones
 E-learning Increases Procrastination and lacks Discipline
o Reality: Although from outside it might look like e-learning system provides protracted time to complete various tasks, encouraging postponement of work by students, in practicality, there are deadlines and schedules to meet – keeping students occupied and on their toe – there is certainly no question of lack of discipline

Equipped with state-of-the-art software and devices and prudent monitoring tools and personnel in place, E-learning process is sure to succeed as the education system of the modern times.