Online Learning | Here’s How E-Learning Portals Help Learners and Teachers

Innovative technologies have been leveraged extensively in providing online learning opportunities to the aspiring students. The wide-spread use of the Internet has facilitated both learners and teachers in comfortably facing various issues related to learning.

Several Benefits are Available in E-Learning mode of Education
Regardless of whether tutors look for engaging learners in a more interactive way or students seek to choose specific courses and learn from their preferred teachers, e-learning promises to deliver a punch when hassle-free generation and delivery of processes is concerned. A few of the advantages are outlined below:

 Round the clock access
o Depending on how much time you have during any part of a day, you may choose to learn at your desired time and for your preferred duration – flexibility is one of the primary benefits of e-learning
 Learn from anywhere at anytime
o Regardless of place and time, you are given the choice of accessing your coursework by using any web-enabled device
 Learn your lessons the way you do best
o Unlike traditional classroom where students are expected to follow instructions in a standard manner, online mode offers varied formats so that students may learn in the way that proves comfortable to them
 Choice of Courses and Tutors
o Students, in the online learning mode of education, are not tied to programs offered by the school or colleges – in e-learning mode, they may choose a program that perfectly fits their goals
 Support from Peers and Faculty
o In the web-based education system, students are able to build relationship with others who assist you through email or live chat
 Real-world Skills can be learnt
o Web-research and online communication that prove essential in workplace may be learnt comfortably along with the regular program
 No limitations and no boundaries
o Location-based restrictions and time-constraints that are part and parcel of the traditional education system do not arise in the case of e-learning system
 Cost-effectiveness
o Physical books and materials involve having to spend hefty amounts apart from the course fee – whereas in online learning system, the need to acquire new editions and updated versions of books and other materials are not necessary
 Comfort of learning and teaching from your place
o As physical presence is not required for learning and teaching in the online method of education, both teachers and students may enjoy working from the comfort of their places

E-Learning and Technology
Organizations and individuals the world over are adopting technologies for enhancing efficiency of daily activities, necessitating regular use of the Internet. Education has now removed the barriers such as location and time constraints. Online learning addresses issues of people from different places getting together for learning and teaching.

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