One-To-One Tutoring PARIS | Here’s how You can Create an Effective and Exclusive E-Learning Experience

Educational Systems in the contemporary times have facilitated creation of simple and easy-to-follow online courses. E-Learning is fast becoming a common area adopted by various fields. Improving the effectiveness of these courses is something that needs to be accomplished through better instructional design, special multimedia effects, and focus on the course objective.

Basics of Effective E-Learning
Following are a few of the features of Effective E-Learning:
 Delivering courses in entirety to learners while getting the course objective fulfilled
 Motivating learners using delivery techniques that facilitate effective E-Learning
 Commitment to rich content, hard work, and quality time being spent for creation are the elements of effective E-Learning
 Improving learner engagement and accomplishment using relevant, accessible, and high-quality opportunities to learn is the mark of great E-Learning

Steps to Create Effective E-Learning
 Use of Video: Use of video conveys the intended content in a far more effective manner
 Relevant Design: Use of multimedia—when aligned relevant to learning objectives—must help convey course content – it must not deviate from the learning message
 Use of Humor: Humor helps get a point across – it helps keep attention levels up while making the lesson memorable to learners
 Use of Interaction Appropriately: While it is common for designers to add interactivity to most of the pages, over doing may lead to frustration and cause information flow being spoilt – use interaction only wherever contextually essential
 Providing Engaging Content: Keep things engaging, fun, and fresh – mix up the way of delivery by including polls, quizzes, surveys, videos, and other multimedia tools
 Ensure easy reading and simple navigation: Making use of white space and formatting using numbered lists and bullets, breaking up text into bit-sized chunks, and such easy-to-follow activities will help attracting users and retaining their interest

Why PerigonEdu?
Developing effective E-Learning is a vital and challenging factor for instructional designers. This can be managed well by use of proper processes and methodology.
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