Obtain the Exclusive Live E-Learning Advantage by Taking Affordable & Customized Online Courses

Widely demanded courses, master class topics, customized schedules, one-to-one learning possibility, and much more – your gateway to expert-created online learning material, bottled-up tips, inspirational demos, and user-specific guidance and advice from the network of expert learning consultants: PerigonEdu, wireless wonder!

Live & Personalized Education with Comfort of Home

E-Learning mode of education has been gaining increasing popularity among the student community across the globe. The exponential growth of the Internet and web-based technologies has paved the way for effective online solutions for the aspiring students.

You get to learn courses that you desire, on your specifically chosen schedules, and from faculties that you select. Learning from the comfort of your home ensures your mind is relaxed; thus learning happens best.

More than Recorded Lectures and Discourses
Unlike the ‘one size fits all’ theory, E-Learning solution from PerigonEdu provides personalized education to students who demand varied courses and topics according to their specific needs. For motivating and mentoring younger students in lower grades, traditional education with lectures and classroom setting may not be sufficient.

Live online teaching offers personalized education that supports and encourages serious and yet smooth learning. This not only helps in knowledge transfer but also facilitates engaging students for developing their interest, interacting, and supporting during tricky points.

Secure Learning Solution that Saves Time and Efforts
Online learning solutions eliminate the risks involved in commuting. Especially young students are relieved from having to travel long distances for long hours by enrolling to the e-learning mode. Being able to focus more and have increased time to spend on learning, students’ mind is at rest and they are allowed to learn effectively.

The Convenience of Learning from Anywhere at Anytime
Unlike traditional classroom learning where the process is bound by a place and restricted by time, you need not be shackled by limitations when you take up online learning method. Here, learning is liberated and so is teaching. Regardless of what time of day it is, and where the student is put up, it is possible to reach out for help and guidance from tutors.

Why PerigonEdu.com
The strength of PerigonEdu is its core focus on personalized live online tutoring that ensures each student gets a dedicated tutor’s entire attention. Moreover, students are able to learn at their pace, from the comforts of their home. Technologically monitored two-way interaction between tutors and students is strong and offers ease of learning.

One-to-one teaching and learning method enables students to raise their doubts on the spot and there is enhanced engagement among tutors and students. Personal attention of tutors on each student is made possible.

For tailor-made lessons, personalized sessions, and learning at your pace and time, you are welcome to enroll with PerigonEdu E-Learning facility!