My holiday trip by D.Dharmika Class 6

Last year October , me and my family were on a holiday trip to Malaysia . We landed at Kuala Lumpur airport by Malaysian Airlines. At first, we did not explore the capital, so from there we went to an island called Langkawi which was also known as “Bura Halang”. This island is the best place for exploring nature. We went on an open sea trip. I was anxiously waiting for that moment. Our boat went so fast that no one uttered single word out of fear. We fed the moneys and eagles at the mangrove forest. We stayed for two days and during the last day I played in the beach. Langkawi is famous for its beach and eagles. Then we went to Kuala Lumpur. We saw the twin towers. I was astonished by its height. It is owned by Petronas , a fuel company. Hence it is known as Petronas twin towers. The city was so clean . I also learnt a few Malay words SELAMAT DATANG (welcome), KELUAR (exit), PINTU (gate), TEKSI(taxi), SELAMAT JALAN (see you again). Financially, no one was close-fisted. They spend a lot. I was so sad when I left Malaysia. I wish my country will also be clean like Malaysia.

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