Here’s how you can achieve a Student -centric Approach to Online Learning System

Modern methods of learning involve various tools and technologies; traditional education system is being accompanied by different contemporary learning systems among which E-Learning happens to score extensively – offering the comfort of learning from anywhere and choice of courses as well as teachers, this innovative system is found to be very effective

Success of E-Learning System is Driven by Student-Centered Approach
Several studies have shown the effectiveness of learner-centric education system that shifts the focus from the teacher to the student. It is essential to adopt student-centered programs throughout the curriculum for achieving better results and enabling effective learning process.

Personalized and Competence-based Learning
A student-centered learning environment may be created by using a combination of the following two powerful concepts:
 Personalization
 Skill-based learning

Personalization: It is well known that all students do not have the same level of understanding; each student is unique with his or her own pace of learning and tastes. Faced with varied skill levels and interests, tutors need to adopt a learner-centric method of teaching that suit the purpose of each student.

An education system needs to be designed in such a way that it not only addresses unique capacity of the students but also motivates them individually.

Skill-based Learning: Courses and topics need to be crafted with a view to allow learners to achieve their objective of learning in a comfortable manner that doesn’t take them to task. Every student is blessed with his or her own capabilities and competence – the principle of ‘one size fits’ all must be discarded in the online education system. One-to-one teaching and allowing students to traverse their courses in their own pace according to their specific competence is a must.

How is Student-centered Education Different from traditional Education?
The primary difference is that the focus is on what students learn – unlike in traditional education setting where focus is on the teacher and the students are expected to follow what is being taught by the teacher. In a student-centered educational system, everything is woven around the learner.

Exclusive Benefits of Student-centered Learning
 Personalized learning experience
 Knowledge retention is boosted
 Job performance is improved
 Critical thinking skills and team work are built
 Learners gain self-reflection opportunities
 Easy and user-friendly navigation is achieved
 Individual needs are met

There is considerable increase in the contribution made by technology to modern education. E-Learning has attained a niche among the present day students. Placing learners at the center of learning experience is essential to ensure not only student engagement and retention of learning messages but also maximizing post-learning impact.