Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is a proficiency test for non-native English language speakers to enroll in U.S. universities. We train students in the following modules:

  • Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking

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An online tutorial for building your skills

Scoring impressively in TOEFL is critical for those aspiring to get admission in top universities with English as main language. TOEFL is one very widely attended and recognized English proficiency test that commands respect from universities in the U S and other nations. Perigon Edu aims at enabling students to master language skills needed for achieving a high score in TOEFL.

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TOEFL being a comprehensive and rigorous test for assessing English fluency, students require intensive preparation. We at Perigon Edu have understood the essentialities and created the course with in-depth content that helps you practice and master language skills. Our diligently designed exercises and tests assist you to perfect the language skill.

Advantages of Perigon Edu’s online TOEFL prep course
  • Perigon Edu helps students to identify their weakness and improve upon it
  • Our online course covers all the major areas essential for achieving English proficiency namely, reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Schedules suiting to busy students and professionals
  • Individualized tutor-guided e-learning environment
  • Step-by-step guidance and support
  • FREE Registration

Perigon Edu offers varied choices in selection of tutors, schedules, duration, and other factors that pave a convenient path to learn according to your preference. Testing, evaluation, and feedback support from experts is available that hones your language capabilities.

For availing one-to-one interaction with certified tutors, for online practice of your desired time duration, and for overall trusted online TOEFL preparation, you are welcome to approach us!