Spoken English is for non native speakers of English language. We provide spoken English training in 3 different stages.

  1. Beginner – Level 1 (Starts from Alphabets)
  2. Intermediate- Level 2 (Framing sentences, Grammar, Writing)
  3. Advanced – Level 3 (Vocabulary, fluency, writing)

Learn the most widely used language in the world that connects various people from different parts of the globe – English, a language when mastered, helps students reach great heights!

Learn to speak English Flawlessly

Perigon Edu offers effective English speaking courses on three different levels— catering to the specific needs of users—according to their qualification and understanding.

English is a universal language. Speaking the language with zeal and enthusiasm will reflect learners’ attitude and personality. We offer three levels of learning English programs.  We give practical sessions to enhance learning competency of learners at all levels.

Speaking in English made easy for people from all backgrounds

We have taken great care to simplify the course content and offer easy ways to understand the nuances of the English Language. Our course ensures that students registering with us get to excel in speaking English. Learning from experts ensures students to master the art of communicating fluently with any English-speaking person in the world.

Spoken English Services by Perigon Edu

Perigon Edu provides three specific levels of Spoken English training as follows:

Basic level 
  1. Basic grammar
  2. Basic vocabulary
  3. Basic pronunciation
  4. Real- life sentence structure formation
  5. Enhancing English- speaking competency
Intermediate level
  1. Functional grammar
  2. Intrinsic and extrinsic vocabulary
  3. Accent / stress/ pause
  4. Lecture-demo sessions to hone speaking and listening skills
  5. Practical writing style
Advanced level
  1. Live demo language enhancement
  2. Hands on learning programs with experienced English language experts
  3. Practical Listening series
  4. Practical record assessment speaking series
  5. Advanced writing pedagogy

Keeping the necessity of people from varied locations and having diverse capabilities in mind, we have put in place different levels of training. For acquiring the art of speaking fluently in English, you may enroll with us.

We have been training people of different age and from varied geographical locations. Approach us today for more details and for FREE registration.