It is for students from ages 15-17.

We teach English, Literature, Maths, Science, Computing, History, and Geography to these students. We prepare students to develop their future academic career brightly.

Flexible online course for grades 10-12 and adult students provided with all essential support and tools ensuring the best possible education – register for FREE!

Perigon sets the base for a lifetime of invaluable learning

We have created selective and flexible programs that foster the skills and academic requirements of the modern day students. With student-specific schedules and choice of tutors, we offer the best online courses that enable students of the age group 15-17 follow their passions.

Learning Concepts with strong foundation

Aligned with the school curriculum, our e-learning platform offers academic-streamed course that are essential for post secondary education. We have designed the course content in such a way that students are allowed to not only explore and discover but also excel in what they learn. Perigon Edu’s online education system aims at developing a solid foundation pertaining to learning concepts which will eventually lead to students’ future academic success.

What makes Perigon special?
  • Flexible & Accredited Curriculum
  • High school programs designed exclusively for preparing students to college
  • Course Content of high international standards
  • Students gain tools necessary for success in future studies, career, and their life

Perigon Edu provides well-balanced curriculum, effective learning support, and unmatched resources for learning. If you want your children to excel in future education and profession, you may get them enrolled for our online Senior Secondary Course. We have the best programs and the most efficient online tutors.

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