The Selective High School Placement Test is an ability test which differentiates students of very high ability from other students in Australia. We provide exclusive course content that enable students to prove their talent.

The test contains Mathematics, General Ability, and Reading and written expression

Diligently Structured Online Course Exclusively Designed for Assisting Children to Succeed at Schools – We mentor and tutor your brilliant children to go the extra mile and achieve excellence

Exclusive online course aimed at preparing the select few children like yours

Measuring a child’s intellectual and academic potential through placement test is a common evaluation method. Score achieved by children in Selective School Placement Test plays a crucial role in their lives. Understanding the importance, we have devised effective course content that enables aspiring students to develop the required skill sets and proficiency.

Significance of Selective High Schools Australia

There are certain gifted children who are exceptionally talented and are found to be superior in academic ability than peers. Providing the perfect environment suited to students having such remarkable caliber, selective high schools help them feel at home, among the group of extraordinary students. Naturally, selective high schools are among the most sought after institutions in Australia.

What Makes Perigon Edu’s E-learning solutions tick?
  • Expert Instructors: We have acquired the best tutors with outstanding capabilities – they show your children the way to achieve amazing outcomes
  • Tailored Course: We have designed a structured program that aims at helping children to substantially improve their school results
  • Regular Assessment: Perigon Edu conducts routine evaluations that identify areas in which the students need help and work up appropriate improvement plans
  • Tracking Performance: The exclusive e-learning portal provided by Perigon Edu lets parents view their children’s regular performance

Perigon Edu ensures that students enrolling for Selective High School Placement Test are familiarized with all the necessary conventions and are guided about how to take the test effectively. Positive pressure to bring out the potential and motivational support that keeps children on the move are our policies.

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