It is for students from ages 11-14. Core subjects form the important base upon which young students need to build their future education.

We teach English, Literature, Maths and science to these students.

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Time-tested academic curriculum along with effective tools – what school children can get at Perigon Edu’s online secondary school courses. Not just proven course content, we ensure our students receive round the clock support and the best tutors in pursuing their studies.

Free Practice Tests, Great Interaction, and more!

We understand the specific needs of our students and emphasize on independent and individual learning processes aimed at developing your skills in tune with future requirements. We have designed our grade 6-9 program comprehensively and offer academically advanced course curriculum that makes students fully prepared for their higher studies.

For motivated students who seek further academic excellence in addition to traditional school education

Home schooling concept is getting popular all over the world – virtual classrooms are offering more than what young school students require. Perigon Edu coordinates students and teachers in the most optimal manner such that students are being guided, supported, and facilitated in their educational pursuit.

Benefits of Perigon Edu’s E-Learning courses for Grades 6-9
  • Core subjects (Math, English, Science)
  • Recorded lessons offer re-watching possibility
  • Project-based, Practically-tuned learning mode
  • Technology and flexibility
  • Regular evaluation and feedback

Perigon Edu employs student-centric approach to enable easy learning and activity-based tutoring methods that offer effective interaction facility. We ensure that students learn things practically and at their own style and pace.

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