It is for students from ages 4 – 11. We teach English, Maths, Science, Social, Tamil, Hindi, French, etc., to these students. Primary education is crucial as it forms the foundation of all learning processes and helps in meeting all social needs.

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The great way to excel in studies

The academic performance, and by its influence, the future professional career prospects, are dependent on the fundamental education that a child receives since its childhood learning period. Termed ‘elementary,’ but entailed with unlimited responsibility and immeasurable potential to shape the students’ future, primary education (K through 5) plays the most crucial role in a student’s life. During this growing period, education, when offered with fun and in captivating manner, helps children to master not only the curriculum but also the practicalities of the world.

Distinguished Online Learning Service Offering Curriculum-based solutions to kids

Perigon Edu provides the solid base of knowledge for children, upon which their future learning processes may be built perfectly. We understand the importance of Grades K to 5 in the educational career of every child. We have ensured smooth and attractive modules of learning that creates and sustains the enthusiasm for learning new things among the students.

Our Services Include

We have designed the course content in such as way that our online courses enable growing children to acquire the concepts of basics, amass varied skills needed, and develop an enduring love to learn. Perigon Edu’s e-learning content for the primary school level includes but are not limited to the core subjects, namely, English, Math, and Science.

What makes Perigon Edu superior?
  • One-to-one teaching faculty
  • Round the clock support
  • Free study content
  • Assistance in Academic curriculum and life science topics

In shaping the prospects of budding children, the role of a tutor cannot be over-emphasized. We at Perigon Edu fully realize this and guide your wards through the learning lane in their stride, at their pace. We make learning a pleasure for the young ones so that they are rendered eligible for absorbing knowledge effectively and happily.

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