We teach languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, French, German, Sanskrit, and English. Learning different languages fetches a bouquet of personal, cultural, and social benefits. Age is no bar!

It is time to learn other languages – languages are like tools required for climbing great mountains: we provide personalized tutoring to students about effectively using those tools!

Languages – the more you know the better for your future. Mastering different languages gives your children the extra credibility

Learning languages other than one’s vernacular and official languages have always been an added advantage in our society.  With the world having shrunk into a smaller entity after exponential growth of the Internet and massive opportunities of employment away from people’s native land, the potential of newer languages on our lives are being felt on a larger level.

There are several languages in our Nation that prove effective for students’ future career

Perigon Edu, the pioneers of online education system have very useful courses catering to the needs of young students. We provide the way for easy and effective E-learning opportunities for learning Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Sanskrit, apart from foreign languages such as French and German. Students with the added strength of language expertise are certain to land increased educational and employment opportunities in future.

How our Language courses help students

At Perigon Edu, students get to learn fundamental speaking, writing, and perfect pronunciation techniques in languages – taking them a step ahead of their peers and contemporaries. We offer taped audio and video lectures online, furnish grammar and writing lessons specially designed to hone the language skills. In addition to providing the study material, we suggest reference material for students who wish to go the extra mile in mastering a particular language. We present FREE registration to aspiring students.

What makes Perigon Edu tick?
  • Building communication skills
  • Digitally presented course content
  • Student-specific course content
  • Personalized schedules according to users budget and time
  • Language experts for every particular language
  • Learning from comforts of your own place

Going multi-lingual has always been a boon to those who wish to travel the extra mile- it offers you freedom from the constraints of inability of communicating with people speaking other languages than yours. In the modern world, it is more so- learning several languages or any language of your choice offers added credit to your profile, especially in the workplace, in a place of different culture, and while travelling extensively in connection with your chosen profession.

Come to Perigon Edu; come home to the best language learning online portal where you may gain entry into the exclusive world of diverse opportunities. Call us for more info, or log into our website today!