It is for students aged 11 to 14. We teach them English, Maths, Science, Computer Science, History, Geography, Hindi, Social, and French. Assisting school-going children effectively with these subjects helps in building their core knowledge.

Perigon Edu – the fastest route on Online Education Avenue to grow your school-going children! Paving the way for improving students’ knowledge from home!

Join Perigon Edu and experience the power of innovative technology in Indian Education

Perigon Edu, the exclusive online education service providers, have come up with unique home-based learning courses for Indian school children belonging to the standard 6 to 9 group. Specially prepared to cater to the needs of this segment of the young school going students, we have ensured the following:

  • Control and awareness to parents about all that is being offered online
  • Fulfillment of individual needs of students on a personal level
  • Each child is enabled to learn at his or her own level of understanding and caliber
Interactive and Innovative solutions for Indian School children- presented with incredible class tutor products

Your children can now start learning the best informative and practical courses from the comfort of their home- with just a digital device having Internet connectivity. Course content selection is possible, and so is time duration and tutor for each course. We have even put in place white board for effective introspection and productive feedback.

What we provide to School Children
  • Teacher-student screen sharing
  • Chat feature
  • Resources & Assignments
  • Curriculum Library
  • Course Content appropriate to school students in the 6th to 9th standard
The Exclusive Perigon Edu Advantages
  • Anywhere access and any time learning mode
  • Convenient & Home-based Digital learning platform
  • IT-enabled education aligned with the trends and tastes of modern day students
  • Virtual classroom model of education with highly interactive content
  • Empowering students to become highly competitive
  • Absolutely FREE Registration process

Perigon Edu, the integrated online interactive classroom, warrants significant improvement in your child’s learning performance. We have devised courses for Indian school students keeping class-level curriculum goals in mind. Ours is a great online facility for not only home learning but also other additional exercises that prove educative and effective for school children.

For availing the services of the top notch digital learning portal that offers highest quality online learning solutions to children, you may visit our website, or contact us on phone!