A Comparison between Traditional Education and Online Education in Improving Job Skills

Online education has gained tremendous momentum and importance in the contemporary world. E-Learning is found to help reshaping and redefining the learning process and lead to achieving the essential job skills that are expected in today’s fast-developing world.

Traditional Vs Online Learning – an analogy

Traditional education is mostly formed on deep-rooted customs which were employed for teaching by previous societies. Customary system of education aims at transmitting skills, morals, abilities, and principles that are supposedly good for the next generation considering material and societal achievement. You need to move to the place of education here, say, a college that may be located in entirely a different place from where you reside. Online Education, on the other hand, aims at leveraging technology to enable learners to read and learn from the comfort of their homes.

Traditional education has a set of fixed course curriculum and delivery of its content to all students in a programmed manner. Whereas, in online mode, courses have been designed separately keeping in mind the varied needs of students. Here, it is personalized method of learning where not everyone is given the same course content. The principle of ‘one size fits all’ is not applied; students may choose and move in their own pace, learning the subjects and content that they are interested in.

How Does E-Learning Open Several Options to Learn Skills
The Internet plays a vital role in making online learning a great success. It in fact acts as the base for providing amazing online possibilities, enabling aspiring students to develop their job-oriented skills in an effective manner. Following are a few of the opportunities and options available to students to hone their skills:

 Guidance and assistance relevant to specific skill set of learners
 Sharing experience and learning from others’ experiences
 Self-assessment as well as assessment by tutors available
 Enhance and develop existing and new skills by practicing using online portals
 Review and feedback from peers and tutors at all stages of learning
 Practical demonstration using tutorials and videos
 Share knowledge and culture among varied groups and people from different countries

It is the Era of Online Education

In today’s world, learning and polishing one’s skills using the Internet has become inevitable. For competing effectively in the present scenario, you need to make use of online resources that offer flexibility, choice of courses and tutors, and opportunity to utilize technology.

PerigonEdu’s Contribution to Online Education

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