Enrollment process has been made flexible and convenient, similar to the education programs offered by Perigonedu.Students aspiring to get registered with us may do so online 24 × 7 × 365. We provide guidance for selecting courses, payment options, and all necessary processes.

There is a common Registration section where the aspiring student / tutor may get themselves registered for the online learning system. Students who wish to take up an online course need to first register themselves by providing their Email ID. By using simple online procedure each student may select preferred courses and register himself/herself. We have created three different types of packages duration, namely, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages. The course fee varies with the type of course opted.

Having selected the course type, students can choose their desired category of learning, subject of their interest, tutor of their choice, and timeframe for the course.


Payment options and procedures are made quite simple and convenient for students. Each student has to make payment according to the courses and duration he or she has selected. Payment needs to be made online before commencement of classes.

Different payment options are being offered, namely, Electronic Fund Transfer, Credit Card Payment, and so on. Whichever option is clicked by the user will be displayed and presented for use. Payment has to be made in U.S. Dollars only. An online receipt will be issued to students with full course and curriculum details. .

Payment made by students gets converted into credits according to the course and schedule. Students may purchase credits as per their preference and keep the credits in a personalized E-wallet provided in the system. Credits will be deducted according to the number of schedules. Students will be able to check the credits available in their account at any point of time..


Students will be allotted fixed number of schedules in tune with the packages selected. A detailed scheduling is first prepared based on the subjects, duration, and number of classes required for a particular stream.

Parents / Students may schedule by category. They are given the choice of selecting Subjects, Date, and Tutors. By making use of a look up system provided, students will be able to check the availability of tutors and select them accordingly. Per schedule cost will be deducted from the credits parked in the E-wallet.

Schedules are subject to admin verification process, after which they are activated. Such active schedules will be displayed in the ‘upcoming schedules.’ Once the formalities are completed, schedules will be enabled 2 hours prior to the selected time. A whiteboard will be provided for interaction between students and tutors. A feedback form will come up at the end of each schedule, prompting the students to fill it before going in for the next schedule.


If you are a qualified tutor who wishes to face the challenges of online teaching and assessing, you are welcome to PerigonEdu. We have put in place a transparent and stringent system of verifying the capability of tutors. We first run a background check on those we wish to take up the role of an online tutor. Then their educational qualification and other credentials are checked in depth. People with experience and skills in specific disciplines of education will be given priority.

Tutors will be paid online for their services. This is a genuine system wherein tutors get the advantage of working from home. A computer with Internet connection is all that is required to actively take part in the online teaching profession. Tutors need to conduct tests for evaluating the students, monitor the progress of each student, and prepare detailed report showing all the activities and assessments.


Education is not bound to classrooms alone anymore. High Internet penetration and fast-featured mobile devices, it is the age of online learning and teaching. Online learning and teaching space is growing at fast rate with a large number of students and tutors opting for this effective mode.

A student or tutor who wishes to take part in this creative learning / teaching system needs to enroll by going through the required formalities and procedures. We have provided a virtual class room that consists of a White Board, Chat section, and Audio / Video facilities. The inbuilt software exclusively designed and prudently developed for use by aspiring learners and teachers ensures that every feature and tools are made available, thus avoiding necessity of any other hardware or devices. The features provided in the system create a total virtual class room, offering all that is required for facilitating easy learning under a comfortable atmosphere.

The system provides anytime interaction with the required tutors, offering students the exclusive privilege of choosing their time and duration of study as well as other processes related to learning. Virtual classes will be conducted on every day basis, with stipulated subjects and portions according to the course and duration selected. Home work will be given for the students to follow-up what they have learnt during the day. At the end of every month, there is an evaluation process during which the progress of students is assessed and reported to the parents.