About Us

PerigonEdu is an online education services company pioneering in providing completely user-specific E-Learning solutions to students across the globe. Offering home tutoring that caters to diverse needs of students all over the world, we aim at bridging the gap between students and tutors online.

Having its Head Quarters in Chennai, India, and guided by its U.S.-based advisor Mr. Hari Namboodiri, Director of Touchstone Community, PerigonEdu offers useful and valuable educational courses and resources that suit the needs of students belonging to Grade K to 12. The aim of this E-Learning Solution Company is coaching young students effectively to face various preparatory tests and succeed in getting admission in the Global institutions that they opt for.

This innovative E-Learning platform offers scheduled and on-demand online courses that align with user needs. Students get access to choose and connect with preferred tutors; they may select courses and duration according to their requirement and convenience. Focus is on English and other languages, Maths, Science, History, and Geography. We perform regular evaluation of students and provide preparatory assessment of their skills in reading, writing, and numeracy. We enable students to face eligibility tests for admission into various educational institutions.